Who Needs Health Care Assistants?

For those who may not be able to afford insurance, or are looking for an alternate to going to specialists, you may be wondering what is home health care? Home health care is a wide range of medical services that can be rendered on a patient in the comfort of their own home, as opposed to in a doctor’s office, or at a local hospital where they would otherwise turn to for the required health care. In many instances, home health care is far more affordable, it is more convenient, and if the right trained professionals come to your home, it is just as effective as going in to the local hospital for any health care you would otherwise be getting.

When inquiring as to what is home health care, many will wonder what the purpose of this might be. The main purpose with home health care is to treat an illness or a particular injury. With home health care you might be recovering from an addiction, or an injury where you cannot walk too far; having the trained professional come to your home gives you your freedom, and allows you to regain your independence. Depending on the type of care and treatment you need, some of the most common forms of home health care includes:
– wound care (for pressure sores, or for surgical scars);
– physical or occupational therapy (in the event you are trying to recover from an injury or traumatic experience);
– speech therapy;
– caregiver and patient education;
– IV or nutrition therapies;
– injections (whether it is for a condition or whether the patient is a diabetic); and,
– monitoring of serious illness or poor health (in many cases, this is what elders seek when they need around the clock care and monitoring).
These are some of the most common forms of home health care, but there are other professionals that might be able to come to a patient’s home, in order to administer other types of care if necessary.

There are also home health aide services which a patient can request. Some of these include:
– help with basic day to day activities (bathing, cooking, etc); or,
– help with light housekeeping, going shopping, or other day to day tasks an individual is not able to do on their own, either because of an injury, inability to stand or walk for long periods of time, or because they are older in age and cannot care for themselves.

In many cases you may be able to qualify for home health care under medicaid or medicare. If you are unable to pay for traditional hospital visits or medical treatment at a doctor’s office, home health care is an option to consider. Regardless of what kind of care, medical attention, or treatment types you might need, there are other options which do not require you to leave your home.

Home health care is a great choice for those who need basic care at home, or are unable to afford other forms of medical care, due to financial burdens or hardships.