What is Home Health Care and Why You May Need It

Generally, seniors who are more than sixty five years of age, find it difficult to maintain their own lifestyle all by themselves as they feel weak, or might be sick. In such situations it will not be wise to leave them back home all alone. It also does not mean that you can quit job, keeping in mind the ever growing expenses. The best idea would be to appoint home health care services. You surely would want to know what is home health care. Just like with kids the elderly too need providers to help them out.

The home health care assistant will arrive at your home at the day time, stay there through the day, and leave at late evening. Is so required, they can also stay at your place overnight. These health care assistants have several responsibilities. They prepare meals, and that too healthy meal, to ensure good health of your family members. They make breakfast, lunch, and even supper, before they leave. If the elderly patient is allergic to certain food, or has been recommended a particular diet by a physician, the home health care assistant will cook meals accordingly.

Laundry, dishwashing and vacuuming too is performed by some of them, though not all. It is a part of the responsibility of the assistant to provide your parents with timely medications, and check blood pressure, if necessary. A very common problem that the elderly generally suffer from is incontinence, and thus might need to stay in diapers. Just like a babysitter helps an infant, in such situation, the assistants will help the elderly.

If either of your parents is suffering from the problem of incontinence, then it is advisable that you discuss this during the interview, so that the home health care assistant knows this is a part of his responsibility. Senior citizens cannot stay back at home everyday. They too need to stay active and lead a normal life. A home health care assistant may serve as a driver too, taking your parents for shopping. He may also take your parent out for a walk, so that, together with having a nice time, it can be an exercise for the body. Taking a through interview of the assistant is very important. You will be handling him the responsibility of taking care of your parent.

Most importantly hire an assistant only from a reputed agency, do not just depend on any agency because it charges you less. Needless to say, you cannot risk the life and well-being of your family members. While interviewing, try to understand if the assistant is polite enough and ready to take care of all the responsibilities. For instance, some might not agree to change diapers, so you need to look for other options. If you need the assistant to stay at your place overnight, you need to discuss this too, and make sure the one you hire agrees to this. Get to know about the charges they quote for their services. If that, and everything else, seems to be fine with you, then you can hire him straightway.